There are pods of whales and gaggles of geese, troops of apes and flanges of baboons. Bats live in colonies and bears roam together in a sleuth. A bunch of bloodhounds is a sute and buffalo roam in gangs. A bunch of cats can be called a clowder, pounce, glaring or if they’re wild, a destruction. Bacteria live in a culture, catepillars group in an army, clams gather in a bed and cobras get together in a quiver. There’s a band of gorillas and a brood of hens. A group of Jellyfish is a smuck and there’s a mob of kangaroos. A congress is a group of salamanders, ravens, crows or elected officials in Washington.

But of all these critters, deer, goats and cattle are the ones that share something with humans. A bunch of them is called a herd and now days we humans seek “herd immunity.”

And I know about herds of humans only since the Covid-19 pandemic.