I knew it.
I was sick. I mean sick with the flu. Can’t do much except stumble around the house in a daze. I posted a lot on Quora.com and then reposted my answers here on my blog, so there’s been a lot of blog posts today.
And I was unhappy with my present installation of Linux as I mentioned in a previous post. I’ve been using Ubuntu Studio as my operating system. I didn’t want to go back to Linux Mint, but there were some problems I was having.
Well, I’m trying something completely new.
I’m installing an operating system with admittedly a weird name: SolydXK. It’s Linux, of course, but this one is based on Linux Mint Debian. It’s an offshoot of a former project Linux Mint Debian xfce and KDE.
Mint stopped developing those, so someone else took the ball and ran and invented SolydXK. The X stands for xfce and the K for KDE, if you’re interested. I’m installing the xfce one because that’s my preferred desktop environment.
Thing is, amazingly so, I’m inside it while installing it. It’s installing, and I minimized the installation to log into my blog to post this. So this post is done inside SolydX while I’m installing SolydX. If there are problems, or everything doesn’t work as expected, I’ll let you know.
Well, I’m in. Installation completed at the previous paragraph, I rebooted, and now my computer is officially running, what’s it called, SolydXK, or in my case leave out the K (I’m not a KDE fan anymore) the SolydX version of SolydXK, and will somebody tell those people they need help with their product name. Anyway, it booted, it runs. I’m inside.