My wife saw this on the Walmart website: HP 6300 Pro INTEL Core i3 3400 MHz Desktop With 22″ WideScreen LCD.
Price $236.25, free shipping, quantity, 1 left.
Now, I’ve built computers, and bought lots of monitors, but a 22 inch wide-screen LCD monitor is usually going to run you more than this entire system cost. So I told her, “buy it.” It was the only one left in stock, and with Walmart’s latest promotion of free shipping to compete with Amazon, it was a steal.
Basically, this computer was the price of my smartwatch.
Now it sits on her desk as of last night purring like a cat laying in a field of catnip. With the exception of it running Windows (I hate Windows), this is a great machine for her, and does everything she needs. Even came with built-in speakers. “Works real fine,” she says.
So now what to do with her old computer? The one my ex-son-in-law and I colluded together to build for her. A super-computer running Linux, with a burnt out graphics card and burnt out motherboard, and basically not something I was going to repair.
Meanwhile, I’ve got my computer. The one I’m writing this blog on. In a Gigabyte tower with 4 fans and 3.5 terabytes on 3 hard drives and a water-cooled radiator, running not Windows (did I mention I hate Windows?) but an old version of Linuxmint that I can’t update because my two Blueray/DVD burners are kaput. Wait…. my wife’s old computer has those drives. Bet they still work….
Cannibalism, not the Jeffrey Dahmer kind, but the computer kind, here we come. Let’s see if this transplant operation works out.