Wearing Masks

Let me explain something. My mask is not going to protect me from getting the virus. It’s not the kind of mask required to stop me from breathing in the virus. So why do I wear one? I wear a mask so that if I sneeze, or I cough, or I even just breathe out, you won’t be exposed to any germs or viruses that might be coming out of my mouth or nose. I wear a mask to protect those around me. If you don’t care about protecting people around you then don’t wear a mask and be selfish and ignorant. Otherwise, if you want to stop this virus from spreading, then wear a mask when you go out.

Now you can say that you’re not sick so you aren’t spreading the virus to anyone. To that I might remind you that you can be spreading the virus to other people without even knowing that you have it. In fact you might be spreading the virus and not ever get sick yourself because you are asymptomatic. So set a good example and wear a mask you idiot.

And if you are going to wear a mask, then for God’s sake cover your nose as well. You’ve got to cover not just the mouth but the nose because when you sneeze and when you breathe it comes out the nose as well.

Now do humanity some good and share this message with others.

How come if we flew to the Moon, nobody ever tried to fly underneath the Earth to see what’s really down there?

Hehehe….. Did someone actually tell you nobody has ever flown around the earth pole to pole?

That’s why you should check your facts before believing conspiracy theories! A good place to start is by going to Snopes.com to do your fact checking.

Not only do some satellites pass “underneath the Earth” to see what’s really down there, so have many airplanes. Furthermore, people live down there, past that “wall of ice” at the South Pole.

Here’s a picture of what it looks like for real.

New York Times Predicts Trump a Two-Term President

An article in the New York Times predicts that President Donald J. Trump will be elected to a second term in-spite of his declining approval rating, based on the electoral college.

On July 19, 2019, Nate Cohn wrote an article for the New York Times entitled “Trump’s Electoral College Edge Could Grow in 2020, Rewarding Polarizing Campaign.”

Despite a growing divide in American politics, it’s looking more and more that the divide between the left and right will split favorably for the Republicans in the Electoral College.

Do you know if NASA has evidence of alien life?

Yes, I do know the answer to this. It’s no, NASA has no evidence of alien life to date. We only have theories and speculation, but without evidence there is no proof of alien life anywhere else in the universe other than good ol’ Earth.

That being said, most scientist believe life probably exists elsewhere in the universe, but until we actually find even a fossil of a microbe of alien life, there’s no evidence to date.

Did we “accidentally” bring new bacteria to the moon or Mars via our space exploration programs?

Probably, and that’s why terraforming is a bad idea. Inside the scientifically minded community, there are two distinct ideas.
  1. Don’t contaminate. Leave whatever planet it happens to be in the original pristine condition so we can study it. (This is the predominant, tree hugging concept.)
  2. Screw number 1. Terraform the planet. Make it livable for humans, existing organisms, if they exist at all, be damned.

That being said, we do try all we can not to contaminate planets we send probes to even though some microorganisms may have made it through.

At present, and probably rightly so, NASA does not want to introduce organisms to other planets – or visa versa – introduce to Earth organisms from other planets on Earth. We may have already failed, but we still try.

Fact or Fiction? How do you know?

Inside a category called “Fact or Fiction” on a blog that claims “Making sense of it all,” it might serve to answer the questions: “Fact or Fiction? How do you know?”
We have a president calling “Fake News” basically to anyone who criticizes him and claims of planet destroying events on the Internet. How do you know what is real and what is fake?
A good place, next time you hear of an incredible claim on the Internet, is Snopes.com. It’s the official web hoax debugging site that actually investigates what’s true and what’s not.
Check there the next time you want to know: “Fact or Fiction? How do you know?”

Do you believe NASA when they state that they destroyed the technology to return to the moon?

NASA never said anything like that. What did happen was that when the Apollo program was shut down, the building that the Apollo’s were built in was retooled for newer technology. In the process, some parts were thrown away because they were outdated and better stuff was available.
The reason we stopped going to the moon, at the time, was the Vietnam War. Congress needed to cut NASA’s budget to finance the war. After the near disaster of Apollo 13 and waning public interest, the money wasn’t there for continuing along that line.
Times have changed. The moon is a target once again. In the meantime, we have placed quite a few satellites in orbit around the moon. Due to problems with gravity variances on the moon, most of them have fallen from orbit and crashed on the moon’s surface or have become dead because of loss of power. However, there are at least three satellites right now that are active and in orbit around the moon. They are the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), as well as the two ARTEMIS probes, which are functioning.
So not only did NASA not lose the technology, but we’ve been sending stuff to the moon for awhile. It’s just that we haven’t sent people in awhile.