Wearing Masks

Let me explain something. My mask is not going to protect me from getting the virus. It’s not the kind of mask required to stop me from breathing in the virus. So why do I wear one? I wear a mask so that if I sneeze, or I cough, or I even just breathe out, you won’t be exposed to any germs or viruses that might be coming out of my mouth or nose. I wear a mask to protect those around me. If you don’t care about protecting people around you then don’t wear a mask and be selfish and ignorant. Otherwise, if you want to stop this virus from spreading, then wear a mask when you go out.

Now you can say that you’re not sick so you aren’t spreading the virus to anyone. To that I might remind you that you can be spreading the virus to other people without even knowing that you have it. In fact you might be spreading the virus and not ever get sick yourself because you are asymptomatic. So set a good example and wear a mask you idiot.

And if you are going to wear a mask, then for God’s sake cover your nose as well. You’ve got to cover not just the mouth but the nose because when you sneeze and when you breathe it comes out the nose as well.

Now do humanity some good and share this message with others.

Life as an independent contractor during a pandemic

Since then, gas prices have plummeted, restaurant delivery has skyrocketed…

By Wayne Boyd

After working for 17 years at a state prison in Amarillo, Texas, even as a pandemic was beginning to spread across the nation, I decided to retire. After all, I was 67 years old and eligible for a) social security, b) a lifetime pension from TDCJ, and c) health insurance for life for my wife and myself. Not too shabby.

Furthermore, for the last 2 years I had been picking up Uber and Lyft passengers in my spare time, and more recently started restaurant deliveries with companies like GrubHub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. Why not continue that after retirement?

My wife and I discussed my options and decided that retirement would be okay if I could earn about $50 a day driving doing deliveries. Then we upped the figure to $70 because we wanted to account for wear and tear on the vehicle and gas prices. In other words, I’d be making a profit of $50 a day after gas, or $1,500 a month added to my social security and pension income. It would be more than comfortable.

Since then, gas prices have plummeted, restaurant delivery has skyrocketed, and working only a few hours a day I’m averaging $170 a day. I’m pulling in about $160/day profit, or $4,800/month, $3,300 more than projected to live comfortably.

I stopped picking up passengers with Uber and Lyft and just do the delivery now. I’m safer and there’s been no drop in income. Lyft sent me an email informing me how vital it was to have drivers and how desperately needed drivers were to move people around. I ignored the message.

As a side note, I’ve been a vegetarian since before I was old enough to vote. I wish I could get the world to stop eating meat, but that’s obviously not going to happen. So I decided okay, I can deliver food to these people and make a bunch of money. I won’t eat what they eat, but I was already delivering inmates food trays, why not drop off bags of food at people’s homes?

So for me, life is good now. In fact, it’s much better financially than before, even as many millions of Americans are losing their jobs in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

I just hope the State of Texas continues to afford my monthly pension check and the federal government continues to send me social security money.

Retirement: Day 14

It’s been 14 days today since retiring. My life has changed a lot. I like the fact that I don’t have to get up at 3:30 in the morning to go to a prison that will likely soon be ravaged by CORVID-19.

I still have some hurdles that I have to overcome to finish the process officially, but I’m beginning to see the rest of my life in different terms than before.

I have more money than before, as I calculated. I haven’t even had a full month to realize how much better off I am financially, but already the figures are very encouraging indeed.

I’m still working for myself. I’m an independent contractor with my own hours. My wife comes along with me sometimes when I work. I can do what I want, when I want, and how I want to do it.

New York Times Predicts Trump a Two-Term President

An article in the New York Times predicts that President Donald J. Trump will be elected to a second term in-spite of his declining approval rating, based on the electoral college.

On July 19, 2019, Nate Cohn wrote an article for the New York Times entitled “Trump’s Electoral College Edge Could Grow in 2020, Rewarding Polarizing Campaign.”

Despite a growing divide in American politics, it’s looking more and more that the divide between the left and right will split favorably for the Republicans in the Electoral College.

Crappy dirt, hot Serrano

The universe is full of mystery. A garden in a not so ideal place is producing surprising results: hot Serranos, jalapenos, red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes and zucchinis (pictured above).

They are close to the north side of the house, and receive only marginal sunlight because of that, yet they are growing profusely.

Sarranos are hotter than jalapenos. I picked one and chomped down on it, and it was so hot I had to sip ice water for a half hour.

It’s mysterious. The ground is crappy – clay and mud. The sun isn’t as much as it should be. The vegetables are growing out of control.

Did I mention the pumpkins that sprung up in the back yard without planting them?

One False Move and I’ll Shoot

What is a false move? Is it the opposite of a “true move?”

My wife and I are watching an old 1954 movie called “The Snow Creature” on YouTube. Sometimes I like watching silly old time black and white science fiction movies. This one is also under the genre of “horror.”

At about 35 minutes and 40 seconds into it one of the men says, “One false move and I’ll shoot.”

So my wife asks the obvious question: What is a false move? Is it the opposite of a “true move?” Sometimes you hear this phrase in old Hollywood movies, but think about it… does it have any meaning? Would anyone ever really say it? If someone said that to you while having you at gunpoint, what would you be careful not to do? For sure, don’t do a “false move!” Only do “true moves,” I guess!

Everybody in the Know is talking about Black Holes

Forget the Mueller reports, President Trump, Democrats vs. Republicans and Make America Great or Small.

The big news is the black hole now visualized by astronomers and pictured here.

First black hole ever imaged.

Everyone is “astonished” by the clarity of the image, but let’s admit that is’s pretty blurry. That having said it’s in a different galaxy and thousands of times more distance than our own super-massive black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy.

But idiots here on Earth, brainwashed by political propaganda, are all about what’s going on with the Mueller report. Yes, the president is an idiot and guilty. Get over it. Look above.

How does it feel to kill someone for revenge?

I think when the rage dies down they experience an “oh oh” moment. Eventually, of course, they get caught.

After locking up someone for killing out of revenge, even if they have a death sentence, a person remains in prison for many years where some inmates “find God.”

Most inmates say they regret what they did, either because they now realize it was wrong or some because they got caught. The vast majority swear if they could they turn back the clock they’d not do it again. Some claim they didn’t kill anyone and they were locked up by mistake.

Once in prison, inmates are not treated differently due to the crime they committed but by the way they behave with other inmates and prison staff. A well behaved prisoner gets more privileges, like being able to walk to the chow hall on his own. A badly behaved prisoner is often put in more and more restrictive custody.

There are inmates who murdered someone for revenge, received a life sentence due to a plea bargain and walk to the chow hall on their own, sweep walkways or repair plumbing. Some of them work in craft shops where they make items out of leather that officers can purchase, like holders for the C.O.P. gas (mace carried just-in-case). The money is placed in the inmates trust fund (they never see any cash) so the inmate can purchase items from the prison commissary like chips, soda, candy bars, Raman noodles, postage stamps, typewriters and art supplies. Some of them get regular visits from family members who also deposit money in their trust fund.

Inmates in Texas, some of whom murdered for revenge, make all of the license plates for vehicles in Texas and several other states using special machinery.

Thousands and thousands of people in every state are employed and make a living caring for inmates in prison. These include correctional officers, nurses, doctors, psychologists and administrative staff.

After locking someone up and throwing away the key, life does not end for them. It just changes.

This gives lots and lots of time for the person who can’t leave time to think about what they did and what they could have done to prevent it from happening in the first place.

To answer your question, therefore, if you kill someone because of rage, you might feel good in the moment, but then reality sets in.

Above: Inmates unpacking milk cartons which will later be served in the chow hall.

GoDaddy vs WordPress.com: Pros and Cons

For two years I hosted this site on WordPress.com even though I had a GoDaddy hosting plan. Previously, all my sites on GoDaddy were designed by me from the ground up and were mostly static websites. So when my wife decided to create her own site on WordPress.com, she talked me into starting my own: RationalThinking101.com.

I liked having a WordPress site on WordPress. The pros were many. I could see Stats, how many visitors I was getting and from which parts of the world. I would get likes and comments left by other wordpress.com users. It was great.

However, when it came around to renew the whole package this year, it seemed expensive. Why pay all that when I can host it myself on GoDaddy for free (since I already owned a hosting plan there).

Having made up my mind, I began the arduous procedure of how to move the site from one hosting plan to the other, how to install a free SSL certificate, how to get all the files transfered and so on. It was a hassle, and in the end not perfect. The site has been transferred but some of the media files are missing and some of the links don’t work.

Not only that, no one from wordpress.com “likes” or visits my site anymore, and I don’t have stats telling me how many countries my visitors are coming from.

It is cheaper.

So the pros of moving are: It’s cheaper.

The cons of moving are:

  1. It was a hassle and some files were lost.
  2. Some links don’t work anymore.
  3. I don’t have the stats I used to have.
  4. I don’t get “likes” from my wordpress.com followers.
  5. In fact, I have no idea at the moment what kind of traffic this site generates at all.

I’d say the cons outweigh the pros and it’s better to have a site hosted on wordpress.com or wordpress.org unless price is your number one bottom line.

What would the world be like if everything ran Linux and Windows and MAC/OS never came about?

This is a very interesting question with two answers. The short answer and the long answer.

The short answer is….

The stock market would be much different and many industries that depend on revenue from Windows and Mac/OS would not exist. Computers would be more secure and although there would still be some hacking into computer systems, it would be much less.

However bad that sounds, it simply would be a different parallel universe because….

The long answer is…

Bill Gates and his wife have done a lot of good in the world with all of their money. That wouldn’t have happened.

On the other hand, the whole idea of ransoming and monetizing an operating system is bad for a freedom seeking society.

Even now, all of the top 100 mainframe supercomputers in the world run Linux, not Windows or Mac/OS.

Windows is fading as the desktop computer fades (but will never completely go away). Now we have a lot of reliance on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and consequently the cloud. Even so, although the Android operating system is in itself a Linux distro, it certainly has been monetized and ransomed in almost all major brands of phones, including Google who created the Android OS.

The conclusion is…

The world would be a little different, but there would be and always will be big fortune 500 companies making money one way or another off of operating systems.