alienI’m not asking about pictures, but what can be found on earth that would make you think that aliens have visited our planet?

Have we been visited? Are we still being visited?

Here’s my take on the ancient alien theory. It didn’t happen.

I haven’t seen any proof or any convincing evidence whatsoever that indicate aliens have visited Earth.

Look at it from the practical point of view. Put all this UFO hype aside for the moment, alright? The nearest, most likely candidates for intelligent life is 40 light years away. That’s 10 times further than Alpha Centauri.

Voyager 1, traveling at a fantastic heliocentric speed, is going 17.05 kilometers per second. At that speed it would take 70,000 years to reach Alpha Centauri, 4 light years away. To go 40 light years at that speed would take 700,000 years. New Horizons is going faster at about 14 kilometers a second, but these speeds are only possible for us to achieve with gravity assists. Traveling in deep space such gravity assisted space travel is not likely.

To suggest aliens are visiting Earth would have us put all sensibilities aside. We would have to assume, foolishly and incorrectly, that somehow, without any possibility of it happening, that these aliens are traveling in spacecraft faster than the speed of light, and are doing it regularly, back and forth.

If you see it from that perspective, there is no evidence on Earth that suggests aliens have ever visited here. If you want to believe they are visiting us, then you will find any cave drawing you want and offer it as proof positive.

The earth has not been visited by aliens.