Note: I wrote this article some time ago. I have an update on dictation of WordPress blogs here.
This is an example of speech recognition in Google Docs . What I like about using my headset and microphone is that when I use it for dictation it doesn’t cause the computer to stop listening every few seconds like it does with Google Assistant on my phone. The computer keeps listening even if I pause. I actually have to physically click on the big red stop button to get it to stop listening!

Of course I’m just discovering that it did stop listening and I had to re-click play. So I wonder if it stops automatically listening if I just pause too long . Let’s see.

Yep. It stopped listening alright, however it took about 20 or 30 seconds. That’s a lot longer and better than Google Assistant on my smartphone. The only problem I’m having with Google Docs is it doesn’t seem to be able to offer suggestions when something I dictated is typed incorrectly. There’s no auto-correct feature. I suppose that’s a small price to pay. In either case, when I dictate a document, I have to go over it and edit it manually anyway. Otherwise I’m going to wind up looking like this goose experiment.
I also find that I speak verbosely and have to cut down a lot of what I say when I get my hands on the keyboard. For the most part, this document was written by dictation with minor edits here and there.