Did you know, you must pay a tax if you watch TV in England? Even if you use rabbit ears or watch TV on your computer you have to pay this tax, but if you have no TV you don’t have to pay. I don’t know how they know if you have a TV or watch TV on your computer.
Speaking of which, some insurance companies offer less expensive automobile insurance for good drivers, but everyone, nonetheless, has to have automobile insurance. People don’t say, “Why do I have to have any at all? I never have accidents.” You just have to have it.
Similarly, people should have to have health insurance, both the young and healthy and the old and infirm. Young, healthy people shouldn’t be able to opt out because they never go to a doctor. Think of it like automobile insurance. You drive a car, you have to have insurance. You live in the United States, you have to have the insurance.
Seen from that perspective, affordable health care would be more affordable, because in reality it’s the people who don’t need the health care that are paying the benefits for those who do. The young are taking care of their elders. It’s not supposed to be the young don’t care for the elderly, because one day they will be elderly.
If we could simply implement that one idea, then call it what you like, Affordable Care Act, Obama Care, Trump Kick out Obama Care and put in Trump Care (same difference), if everyone had it, that would make it good for everyone. Wouldn’t it?