It’s not just writing a blog. I started this blog using only my Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and sometimes my very old, slow tablet.
My home-built computer in the computer room needed repair. I needed to replace the SATA DVD burners.
That accomplished, I got the whole thing up and running.
Next it was time to install a new operating system because the computer had an old version of Linux Mint.
The first OS that I tried was good ol’ Ubuntu.  I downloaded the ISO file and burned it to a DVD using my spanking new burners. Then I rebooted with the DVD in the drive and went ahead and installed the OS. Ouch. I did NOT like the default “desktop environment” called Unity. In fact, I hated it. I just wanted my old Linux Mint back (using “Mate” as the desktop environment).
So I went and installed Linux Mint. But something went wrong, and I had to install and reinstall several times.
While that’s all going on I’m trying to keep updating my blog now and again.
Meanwhile, my wife has her own computer, sitting right next to me, and she has her own blog. Like mine, we’ve both got our own domains and hosting them on, instead of hosting ourselves on our own account at GoDaddy. Why I don’t know. It was easier at the time.
But my wife gets frustrated at times with WordPress and the online editing tools. Mysteriously, her writing “disappears” into the oblivion of the Internet because there’s some “ghost” inside her MS Windows computer. So she bugs me to help her.
Plus I’ve found my own WordPress ghosts. I like to fiddle with the HTML code underlying the site a little to tweak the appearance. It’s how I managed to get this article justified with hyphens. But sometimes I find the online WordPress editor mysteriously inserts text and HTML from another part of the document into the middle of a sentence or word, and screw the whole thing up. I have no idea why it’s doing that.

So I’m dealing with:

  1. Hardware issues.
  2. Operating system installation issues.
  3. Writing blogs.
  4. Beautifying the appearance of the blog and tweaking the free theme.
  5. Trying to help my wife so she’s not so frustrated.
  6. Hold down a full-time job as a State employee.
You see? It’s not just writing a blog. It’s much more than that. It’s fun, it’s time consuming, but it’s much more that just a blog. For me anyway.