It’s called the QWERTY keyboard because those are the letters across the upper left of any modern, English language keyboard. They were put in that order for a strange reason. (For some strange reason the keyboard pictured above has three Y and Z reversed.)
Back in the days when we had mechanical typewriters, like the one I learned how to type on, there was an issue of the keys getting jammed. So somebody came up with this design.
Typing should be like walking. You shouldn’t have to think about it, you shouldn’t have to look at the keyboard, and you should be able to type with 9 fingers, not “hunt and peck.” (The left thumb is the only finger not used when touch typing. Thus we type with 9 fingers.)
They call that touch typing. There are two keys on any modern keyboard, F and J, that have little bumps on them. Go ahead. Check it out. Those bumps are there for your two index fingers to find them. That sets up your two hands on the “home” keys, which for the left hand are: a,s,d,f. For the right hand its: “j”, “k”, “l”, and “;”.
There are many free typing tutor programs out there. Go find one and learn how to type properly, for Pete’s sake. You’ll find it an indispensable life skill that you will wonder how you did without.