Meet California’s “weed nun” Christine Meeusen (on right) who is 57 years old, smoking a joint with Sister Eevee at Sisters of the Valley near Merced, California, April 18, 2017.
Apparently it is perfectly okay for nuns in California to smoke weed and not be smoked by God.
Alcohol was once banned by Prohibition in the United States. The law was later repealed by constitutional amendment. Do we have a right to expect people won’t drink and drive? Do employers have a right to expect employees not to show up drunk for work?
Similar laws could be appropriate for cannabis according to some state legislatures.
We all know that recreational marijuana and/or medical marijuana are “legal” in some states. However, it still violates federal law. Theoretically, the feds could swoop down on weed shops in Colorado anytime and arrest everyone, state law or not.
This begs the question, of course, should recreational marijuana be legal in the United States?
What do you think?