Now I’ve got the Chromium browser on a Linux computer typing what I speak into Google Docs! It seems to be doing very well doesn’t it? Later I can just cut and paste into my blog, or anywhere else. Google Docs has a menu on top. Click on Add-ons, and you’ll find great stuff to add! That’s how I was able to dictate this paragraph on my Linux computer using a headset with mic. (The links I added later inside of WordPress’ online editor.)
I wonder if I can get my phone to do the same?
When I open this document on my phone and start dictating on my Galaxy S6, the computer keeps up. So if I dictate like this into my phone then I don’t even have to be wearing the headset. Cool! What’s happening is that the document is instantly updating in both locations as I add new stuff because it’s stored on the cloud.
So now I know I can dictate either using my phone or I can simply put on the headset and dictate directly into the computer. As I discovered the other day, however, it better not be very windy outside or noisy in the background! Otherwise dictation really doesn’t work very well.
So I finally found an incredible used for Google Docs and either a chrome or Chromium browser.
Now to copy and paste this into a WordPress document.
You might ask why not edit a blog directly on the WordPress website, but I found their online software is buggy when you really try to edit it extensively. Best to use some other software, edit it at your leisure, then copy and paste. So let’s see how it goes.