No we are not alone. There is life out there on other planets. Don’t make me prove it. Just accept the premise. Life exists elsewhere than Earth.
Life is one thing. Intelligent life is another.
There’s intelligent life out there too.
The problem is this. We’ll never know about them, and they are out there and will never know about us. This is the sad reality.
Now. Why do I say life is out there don’t make me prove it. It’s because of underwater volcanoes on Earth. We have these volcanoes under the ocean, deep deep volcanoes. They are erupting and giving off heat and they are surrounded by organisms that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. There’s no sunlight, no photosynthesis – just the heat of the underwater volcano.
The same thing goes on around in other places in our solar system so we are to think there is life elsewhere in the solar system.
Just not so bright. Can’t type. Don’t have computers. No Internet. No smartphones. Just a microbe.
Somewhere, however, there is somebody else. Another civilization of civilized beings that have found a way to be self-aware.
Big problem though, because we’ll never meet them, know them, visit them, and vice versa. Space is so big, so large. By the time our sun dies and Earth is consumed, our radio waves will still be going out there.
We are here. We are alive. We can put our fingers on a keyboard. We are intelligent life that can do more than beavers building a dam and we are doomed.
We can’t go anywhere, star trek be damned. Our sun will blow up and life here will be extinguished.
What’s the point?
Well, we do exist. That’s significant. We exist in the here and in the now. We’re stuck on this rock called Earth. Does it matter?
I think so!
What to do? Well, I think we need to make a mark.
Voyager was a great idea. There’s two satellites that are so small nobody will ever find floating out in space with information about our civilization. Thank you Carl Sagan, but it was done just for funding. Nobody’s going to find Voyager 1 or 2. They are specks of sand gone to eternity. They will out survive us but they will not be found or noticed.
We should, however, be noticed because we mean something. We are here. We were here.
We should design something to make our mark on the universe. How can we do it? Intelligent life please respond.