That’s weird. I came home from work tonight looking forward to 4 days off. After sitting down at my Linux computer terminal and doing some online research, I managed to cross off the last item in my “Linux To Do” list.
Now I have nothing to do to improve my computer.
Hmmm, that’s unusual.
Part of the fun of having a Linux desktop is the configurability. Unlike Windows 10, you can configure your desktop in unlimited ways to have it just the way you like it. That’s part of my hobby, configuring Linux on my computer.
My latest version of Linux is Antergos OS ( You can download the operating system for free, burn it to a DVD or to a USB stick, and install it on your computer, just like pretty much any of the hundreds of Linux flavors.
Anyway, I’ve switched from the Xfce desktop environment to the Gnome 3 environment, watched some YouTube videos how to tweak it, added some of my own tweaking (like rotating wallpapers) and I find I really like Gnome 3. I still had a todo list, but the todo list is now todone.
Maybe now I’ll go back to discussing the essence of the universe and quantum fluctuations, orbital cannonballs and politics, and whatever else my little mind might dream up.