Just last night while learning history on Wikipedia, I came across the following words.
Wikipedia: “To date, Linux has become more popular in server and embedded devices markets than in the desktop market. For example, Linux is used on over 50% of web servers, whereas its desktop market share is about 3.7%.”
Here I am always telling people, “Try Linux!”
In that moment I realized I have been waging battle for years, but never thought of it in that way before.
Android is built upon the Linux kernel and as above mentioned, the servers that serve us the Internet are dominated by Linux. It’s inside your modem, your router, your smart watch, your cable company runs it to give you TV and after all that – it makes a great desktop computer too.
Yet only 3.7% of the market uses it as a desktop. As Trump would say, “Sad.”
Oh I go on and on… you don’t need to worry about virus software! You won’t have to pay for software anymore! You can do everything you could before!
Will you go out and convert your computer? No. You won’t. You just read all these words, and I didn’t convince you, the reader of these words on your screen, to download it and install it on your computer.
It is, indeed, my never ending battle which doesn’t seem to be winning.