I’m not a dog trainer or psychologist for dogs. I do have a dog. Her name is Brandi and she’s big, goofy and playful.
If she “escapes” in the neighborhood it’s goodbye Brandi for a few hours. She’s going to run around between houses visiting other dog friends she talks to at night.
If I take her for a walk in the park she’s fine. If I put her on a leash, she’s fine. If my wife and I drive 800 miles on a trip, she’s fine. If we stay in a motel on the trip, she’s fine.
She’s fine.
Except. The stupid, goofy Brandi dog doesn’t “come” when called even if it’s in her own self-interest to avoid being run over by traffic on the road.
I figured out she wants to please us, but sometime she also wants to be naughty. I have to figure out how to get the naughty out of my dog!