Here I am, fingers poised over the keyboard, my two index fingers feeling the little notch under the F and J.
Ever wonder what that’s for – the bumps under those two keys on your keyboard? None of the other keys have those bumps.touchtype
That’s for those of us who touch-type. We don’t look very much at the keyboard, and we type with 9 fingers except the left thumb (for some reason the left thumb isn’t used when you type). So when you place your hands on the keyboard to begin typing, if your fingers are hovering over the wrong keys then what you type comes out gobbledygook. The bumps on the F and J keys help us find the right keys. You’ve got to feel the bumps at the tips of your two index fingers on either hand.
Touch typists look at the monitor. I very rarely need to actually look at the keyboard. It’s so second nature to me I type pretty much at the speed that I can think what I want to say. By looking at the monitor I can see if what I’m typing is making it to the program I’m typing in.
If I take either hand off the keyboard, like I did right now to scratch my arm, I put the hand back, feel the bump with my index finger, and start typing again without ever looking at the keyboard.
Why don’t you learn to type? It’s one of the more useful life skills you can aquire. You don’t need a teacher. There are many online and offline computer typing programs. There’s really no excuse to not learn.