VirtualBox Trolls – that’s what I call them. They have a camera and Oracle Virtualbox installed, and they create a virtual desktop and install one Linux distro after another, and review it on YouTube.
They’re trolls.
Some of them don’t even have a camera. They just record the desktop and have a microphone.
If you want to know about which is better, Ubuntu or Kubuntu, Antergos or Manjaro, Fedora or OpenSUSE or Gentoo or Linux Mint, then you get on YouTube and you can find an endless array of such videos.
Most of them don’t know what they’re talking about. They pronounce Gnome like the garden statue instead of “Gah-Nome” as the Linux experts would have us. They don’t know the difference between an installer or a derivative, so they call Antergos an Arch Installer and Revenge a Linux distro.
They just know how to review Linux distros. They don’t join forums for those distros and find out what’s going on with the community that uses that particular distribution.
They troll around, and install one after another after another in their little VirtualBox virtual environments and make a video.
They’re neither Linux developer nor expert, nor typical desktop user. They’re not running servers and they don’t do code. They certainly do know how to go to a terminal emulator and install programs in whatever distro is up for review that day. The basic stuff.
They’re useful in their own way. They’ve helped me make decisions or even understand how to customize this or that. There’s a place in the world for VirtualBox trolls. I guess.