In the dog park again, listening to the quiet pops of nearby rifles. We’re in Texas and people sure do like to fire their guns. There’s a nearby rifle range. I don’t know how they can afford all of the ammunition, or to what end all that repetitive shooting will accomplish. Surely, they don’t fear the National Guard will take away their guns like people were saying before the election. Maybe they just want to go out and kill some of the local wildlife. Hopefully not me or the dog walking through a field.
Brandi, my dog, just enjoyed a run around in the fenced-in area and now I’ve come out with her on a leash walking around the main part of the park, dictating to my phone as I go. It’s a very warm day for winter. About 80 degrees Fahrenheit. People are out here having barbecues. In a few days it will snow and sleet again.
Back at the car, I get a call from my wife wondering where I am. I did tell her I was going to the dog park didn’t I?
So here I go driving the short distance home, with my head immersed in insane politics and the cosmos. I’m wondering whether I will be killed by an asteroid, a nuclear bomb, a terrorist shooting up my local street, by my neighbors and co-workers for voting for Obama, or just plain old age!
Life is just a walk in the park.