Let me explain something. My mask is not going to protect me from getting the virus. It’s not the kind of mask required to stop me from breathing in the virus. So why do I wear one? I wear a mask so that if I sneeze, or I cough, or I even just breathe out, you won’t be exposed to any germs or viruses that might be coming out of my mouth or nose. I wear a mask to protect those around me. If you don’t care about protecting people around you then don’t wear a mask and be selfish and ignorant. Otherwise, if you want to stop this virus from spreading, then wear a mask when you go out.

Now you can say that you’re not sick so you aren’t spreading the virus to anyone. To that I might remind you that you can be spreading the virus to other people without even knowing that you have it. In fact you might be spreading the virus and not ever get sick yourself because you are asymptomatic. So set a good example and wear a mask you idiot.

And if you are going to wear a mask, then for God’s sake cover your nose as well. You’ve got to cover not just the mouth but the nose because when you sneeze and when you breathe it comes out the nose as well.

Now do humanity some good and share this message with others.