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If you didn’t read my blog post yesterday, you should know that I have installed Linux hundreds of times over the years. Lately I was quite happy in my KDE spin of Fedora 27 come 28. That is until I discovered the night before last that I could not play a Johnny Depp movie in my computer’s DVD player.
This led me to the conclusion that I should leave Fedora and go back to the Ubuntu world, or specifically Ubuntu Studio. That attempt was met with disaster when I discovered that under Ubuntu Studio my mouse moved so slowly that I had to keep picking it up and sliding it across my mouse pad six or seven times just to get to the other side of the screen to click something. I have no idea why it behaved in this way. I have run Ubuntu Studio before and had no problems. But this particular version of Ubuntu Studio, AKA the latest, was unusable for me. It was so painful to manipulate the mouse just to move from one corner of the screen to the other that I wasn’t even able to effectively search for a solution to the problem.
I was forced to reformat with a different version of Linux. So I looked through my collection of Linux DVDs and found a six-month-old copy of Kubuntu. (Kubuntu is a spin of Ubuntu that uses the KDE desktop.)
That’s where I am now. I reread an article on this blog where I wrote why I left Kubuntu and went to Fedora in the first place. Back then I complained that my videos (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon) we’re choppy when I watched them and so I switched to Fedora Linux and didn’t have that problem. Curiously, later that same problem also developed in Fedora and I discovered the reason was because I was rotating my desktop wallpaper behind the scenes every 60 seconds. It subsequently caused the system to drag sufficiently and make a slight jigaboo with any video I might be watching.
Now that I know that, and I’m back inside of Kubuntu, everything is fine and life is good. I was able to re-establish my backups and get my KDE looking pretty much exactly the way it did inside of Fedora 28. So that’s where I am today after my harrowing experience of yesterday!