I’ve been using most of the linux Distros and DEs (desktop environments like KDE Plasma, Gnome, XFCE, Mate, LXQt, etc.) going all the way back to the previous century (I’m not joking… 1997).

Some I really have liked a lot, but they, for whatever reason, seem to hang on boot while waiting for a “start job” to complete, and it will wait for a minute and 30 seconds before continuing with the boot process. Haven’t you ever had issues like that?

Obviously, a Linux Distro is going to load faster if it doesn’t encounter any glitches while booting.

The fastest I’ve found so far, no kidding, is Fedora XFCE. I can boot the system and time it from the instant it leaves the GRUB menu to the instant it is in full graphical mode, at 19 seconds.

That’s the fastest so far. It’s what I am using on one of my partitions right now.