This is a good question.

First off, be aware we do have some rugged mountains on Earth! Many of our newer mountain ranges like the Himalayas and Alps and Andes are quite jagged. We also have some worn down rolling mountains which used to be really high mountains but aren’t anymore because of weather. Go visit New Jersey where I grew up.

Weather and erosion are things that just don’t happen the same way on the moon because there’s not much of an atmosphere over there.

There is some erosion on the moon, but not caused by rain or wind. There erosion is caused by meteors (both direct hits and stuff scattered by direct hits) and UV light from the sun. I was just reading about the American flag, for example, that was placed on the moon. Most people think the flag is gone by now. A victim of UV light.

The picture I posted below was done by me using “the Gimp” which is an opensource program comparable to Photoshop. It was made using a real moon photo showing worn down hills from lunar erosion and special effects to humor myself about the “we never went to the moon” people.