How Far Can we Drill into the North Pole?

You do realize that there is no solid land over the North Pole, right? There’s ice floating on the ocean, and the ice sheet moves around as it floats. Underneath the ice there is the ocean.

Therefore, to drill into the North Pole you could just drill a hole through the ice until you hit water, or go to the bottom of the ocean and start drilling on the ocean floor.

There’s no specific reason to do so, however, and doing so would be pretty fruitless.

The North Pole has been reached by walking, by ice-breaker ship and by airplane. In the image below, a woman traveling on the Russian nuclear icebreaker Yamal holds a sign marking the North Pole, however, because the ice drifts, the sign also drifted away from the pole.

What are some little known facts about Amarillo, TX?

We have the second largest canyon in the USA, just south of here – the Palo Duro Canyon. We have a lot of very fine restaurants. The international airport terminal is small and easy to navigate. The airport, Rick Husband International Airport, was named after Rick Husband, who died in the shuttle descending back to Earth. He was the captain of the crew. There’s the famous Cadillac Ranch! It’s windier in Amarillo on average than it is in Chicago.

Everybody in the Know is talking about Black Holes

Forget the Mueller reports, President Trump, Democrats vs. Republicans and Make America Great or Small.

The big news is the black hole now visualized by astronomers and pictured here.

First black hole ever imaged.

Everyone is “astonished” by the clarity of the image, but let’s admit that is’s pretty blurry. That having said it’s in a different galaxy and thousands of times more distance than our own super-massive black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy.

But idiots here on Earth, brainwashed by political propaganda, are all about what’s going on with the Mueller report. Yes, the president is an idiot and guilty. Get over it. Look above.

Why not Switch from to GoDaddy

I hosted this website on for 2 years, but then because of pricing concerns, I switched to where I already had a hosting plan to save some money. I now think that was a mistake. Here’s why.

I had more traffic on I have less traffic on And before you go off on me, no I do not receive any benefits for this post from either or GoDaddy.

Many visitors are unaware who hosts your site, but users like to visit and like sites posted by other visitors. Once you make the switch to another WordPress provider, like GoDaddy, that won’t happen anymore. One of my faithful fans who “liked” almost every article I posted on this domain no longer does so because it’s no longer available on the wordpress app.

I’m paying less and posting less now that I’m hosting this site on GoDaddy. ;(

Another important reason is spam comments from pseudo users. With I didn’t have much problem. Now I have to weed through hundreds of such comments and delete them one by one!

Is it possible to see city lights at night from the International Space Station?

You asked, “Is it possible to see city lights at night from the International Space Station?”

Great question and yes! Certainly! Thank you for asking!

And these lights have been spectacularly photographed. Here are three examples (out of many) as seen below:

City Lights from the ISS.
City Lights from the ISS.
City Lights from the ISS.


It’s kinda nearby, and it could go supernova anytime soon. It’s a bright star in your night sky. Look for three stars called Orion’s Belt. Very distinguishable for us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Betelgeuse is not one of those three stars. It’s the top left of the group shown in this Wikipedia image of which Orion’s belt is in the center.

Best phone?

Well, the best phone is a matter of opinion. I just upgraded my Google Pixel 2XL 64MB to a Google Pixel 3XL 128MB.

It’ll be here soon. It helps me earn money. Always has the latest version of Android, unlimited picture storage, best camera phone on the market, works with any carrier, and is cool looking.

Be happy for me!

The First Day of Spring

Never happened.

There is no first day of spring. There is a spring equinox. This spring of 2019 it will be March 20th at 4:58 PM Central Daylight Time (future tense as of time of writing). Adjust accordingly for your time zone.

Equinox is when the days and nights are of equal length. There’s two equinoxes: Spring and Autumn. It happens to be when Earth passes a particular point in orbit around the sun. This year, that moment will be at March 20th and 4:58 PM CDT. After that moment we enter the spring season, and days in the Northern Hemisphere will officially be longer than nights.

I recognize this is the Internet and many will read this after the fact, but the principle remains the same. There is no official first day of spring. There is only the moment of the spring equinox.