Doctor Abandonment Issues

Have you ever felt abandoned by your doctor? Doctor James Spurlock was a very well respected and very old doctor who retired. I didn't know about his retirement until months later when I happened to go to the doctor for a routine checkup. I overheard the nurses saying, "Oh, this is one of Dr. Spurlock's... Continue Reading →

Dr. Armando Salcido Jr, MD bad choice

Bad doctor. My doctor James Spurlock, the ol' fart, finally retired. He had a good nurse named Pat. She left too. One day I had to go see a doctor for a routine sick call and learned my doctor had retired. They set me up to see a young man named Doctor Amando Salcido Jr,... Continue Reading →

Right City Rong Planets

It's really Wright not Right, and wrong not Rong, but it's right because via route J it's only 11 miles from my mother in law's house and Bob gives us a good rate at his motel. His Wi-Fi sucks though. He's from India and since I speak a little Hindi he likes me even though... Continue Reading →

Half a Percent of the Speed of Light

It would be really fast. Put your science fiction behind you. If we could use nuclear power to achieve a half of a percent of the speed of light it would be fantastic. We could reach the nearest star in 800 years! We could reach the Trappist-1 system in a mere 8000 years! Wake up... Continue Reading →

Trying to sleep

I'm trying to sleep so I can prepare for a 12-hour Drive tomorrow. But it's not working so I'm talking to my phone. The tallest building in the world is he Burj Khalif in Dubai. The tallest building in the United States is now number one World Trade Center in New York City. The tallest... Continue Reading →

GPS Block III on Hold

Since GPS achieved Fully Operational Capability on July 17, 1995, GPS has become an essential navigational tool for civilians and military alike. Keeping the system up-to-date has proved to be a problem. Originally the system was supposed to be up and running in February of 2016 but has been delayed at least until 2023. The latest... Continue Reading →

Will “Space Force” Militarize Space?

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, wants to create a new branch ​_of the military with equal but separate powers with the air-force. He calls it "Space Force." I don't think this sounds like a good idea. Are we now going to militarize space? The Internet is already producing thousands of images to... Continue Reading →

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