Rational Thinking 101

It’s round. Big enough that it’s own gravity makes it a sphere rather than a lump of coal or a cube or some other oddly shaped object. If you were on the Star Trek Enterprise, went into orbit around this object and looked outside your view screen, this is what you’d see. You have arrived at the Planet Pluto.

Or have you?

Astronomers who “decided” Pluto wasn’t a planet but a dwarf planet, have not only disappointed generations of mankind, but were wrong.

They were wrong because a dwarf planet is still a planet, as much as a dwarf star is still a star. Indubitably.

Many people don’t know that our sun is a dwarf star. There are two kinds of dwarf stars: yellow dwarfs and the more common red dwarfs. Our sun is a yellow dwarf. Still a star, just a dwarf star. 

So just because our sun is…

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Twilight Hour

Musings Plus

As night descends within the twilight hour
Crickets sing songs full of joy and power
Above the trees looms a dark cloud so dour
Giving to Earth a much needed shower

Quick flashes of white and sound fill the night
Creatures take cover and hide from the might
The wind rushes by each wight holding tight
Natures creations enduring the fight

The storm now over although it was brief
Each creature now breathes a sigh of relief
Unforeseen forces break in like a thief
Nature is saying that she is the chief

The rain subsides a fresh scent fills the air
The land now quenched life hums without care
A night of fete given for each to share
Crickets again sing with gusto and flare

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Nothing Profound

In the computer room again. A special room set up for our computers. All two of them. One for her, one for me; hers running Windows 10, mine Linux Mint 18.1. Pets lying around sleeping. My wife's writing poetry for her blog, me fooling around with Linux. Presently I’m using Linux Mint’s Cinnamon version. She ordered... Continue Reading →

Exploding Samsung Note 7s. Remember Them?

Apparently Samsung wants to bring back refurbished Note 7s, the famous exploding phones that derailed the company's phablet market. But would you buy one? Would they let you use it on a commercial flight? I think not. Read it here.

Martian Pipe dream?

There's no way humans are going to colonize Mars. Hate to burst your bubble. There's no organized magneto sphere on Mars to protect people from the sun. It's why the Martian atmosphere blew away and the oceans evaporated. For that reason terra forming can't be successful there, and scientifically no one wants to contaminate Mars... Continue Reading →

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