A Thousand ways to Die

Based on a once popular TV series of the same name, here are ways you could die on a bad day. Worry if you are bored.

  1. Gamma ray burst from a star 1,000 light years away.
  2. Giant asteroid strike.
  3. Humongous solar flare.
  4. Getting shot by a sniper.
  5. Being blown up by a terrorist.
  6. Earth swallowed by a rogue black hole.
  7. Earth being hit by an untethered rogue planet drifting through space.
  8. Alien invasion.
  9. Nuclear winter.
  10. Too much TV.
  11. The sun suddenly becoming a red giant and swallowing the Earth.
  12. Donald Trump getting reelected in 2020.
  13. A tornado hitting your house.
  14. Yellowstone erupting.
  15. Getting stung by a giant jellyfish.
  16. Earthquakes caused by fracking.
  17. Drinking water polluted due to fracking.
  18. Being separated from your cellphone, going nuts and jumping off a cliff.
  19. Texting while riding a horse and getting knocked off by a tree branch.
  20. Getting caught in a severe snowstorm while visiting a nudist camp.
  21. Add your own below…

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