If All Bets Are Off, Then All Bets Could Also Be . . . On?

I’ve been thinking for months now of this brilliant thing my friend Maris Kreizman said:


I mean, seriously. All bets are off, right?

I keep waking up thinking, if whatever happened yesterday actually happened, then who’s to say wtf could happen today? Wtf has become the new normal, which is unsettling, but perhaps it’s not entirely a bad thing. (Yes, I’m trying as hard as I can to hang on to a shred of optimism.)

Because hey, if people can do all these shockingly wtf things, then couldn’t the rest of us do some formerly-known-as-unthinkable stuff, too, but in a positive way? Like Maris said, if that guy can be President, then you could be . . . president of a company! Or a famous painter. Or an inventor. Or a public speaker or an activist or a Congressperson. Or a giraffe. OK, maybe not that one — but the rest, why not? Clearly, a lot…

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