Trump Will Find a Way

The Washington State Attorney General wants to examine the “intent” behind President Donald Trump’s executive order (now on hold) to ban travelers from 7 mostly Muslim countries.

More to the point as far as this blogger is concerned, however, is what is Trump’s intent for the presidency itself.

Think about it. He’s a business man used to getting things his way. Trump can’t tolerate people rebuffing him. It causes a tirade of tweets from @POTUS and @theRealDonaldTrump.

The President feels confident the legislative branch is mostly on his side. He can write any executive order he wants and rule the country like a dictator and absolute monarch. His intent is that he, as president, can demand and get anything he wants. His followers, apparently, want nothing less. After all, he’s merely fulfilling his campaign promises.

Is not there supposed to be a checks and balances system provided by three branches of government? No one entity has absolute power in America. We still have the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Short of rewriting the Constitution it’s not going to change. (Unsurprisingly, there is talk of amending the constitution with respect to the role of the Judicial branch.)

Trump doesn’t like being curtailed by a lil’ ol’ Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or some Washington judge seeking to know his intent.

The President is having a temper tamper. Still, his past speaks for itself. This man doesn’t roll over and play dead, either. Trump will still find a way. Second Executive Order here we come.

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