Catching Waves

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Rationalising The Universe

I’m afraid this post isn’t about the best surf spots out there but a different type of waves, gravitational waves – big news for physicists in the last year. In 1915 they were predicted by Einstein as a product of his theory of general relativity and in 2015, on the theory’s 100th anniversary, their existence was verified – but what is all the fuss about and how did the long awaited detection come about? Let’s recap.

Now if you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll be familiar with the term ‘spacetime’ the continuum (or manifold to speak mathematically) of the four dimensions – three of space and one of time. As we know, masses create distortion or ‘bending’ of their surrounding spacetime – just like a bowling ball creates a dip if placed on a trampoline. If masses then accelerate the continual changing in the distortion of their surrounding spacetime will cause ripples…

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