BBC Discovers Flying Penguins

On a day in the beginning of April a few years back, the BBC aired the following video. There's been a new discovery in Antarctica: flying penguins. Here's how the video was made: Happy April Fools day!

Todo list after installing Manjaro Linux

To enable Manjaro to use all 6 CPUs on my computer, enter this at a terminal: MAKEFLAGS="-j$(nproc)" Enable AUR. Search AUR for Vivaldi and Vivaldi-codecs To open a terminal with ctrl-alt-T open Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts > +Add > Command: exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator Click OK and when asked for a keyboard command, simply... Continue Reading →

The History of the Internet

I plagiarized everything below this paragraph from somewhere, I just don't know where I got it from. I found it saved on my Google Drive from a long time ago. It's interesting, so I post it here for your perusal. The history of the Internet begins with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s.... Continue Reading →

Drilling to the Center-most point of the Earth

I’m a hypothetical billionaire, so let’s discuss financing this project and the chances of success, what we’ll need to get it done, and so forth. Theoretically, it would seem possible. At the south pole the earth is 12,715 and a half miles in diameter, or about 7900 miles to the center, but at the equator... Continue Reading →


Once in awhile on this blog I talk about Linux because as some of you know it is the operating system on my desktop computer. What most of us do most of the time on our computers involves the Internet, so what operating system is under the hood of your computer doesn't matter a lot.... Continue Reading →

If the Earth is spherical, then why has no one ever taken on any monetary flat Earth challenges?

An open $8250 challenge to anyone which can scientifically verify in two new experiments that either the earth is moving or that there is measurable curvature. by Ron Wagner, (Wagner Grand Music Boxes) I will give you four solutions to this challenge, each of which lets you SEE IT for yourself. No need for you to... Continue Reading →

If we are destined, do we have free will? Even if god gives it, he knows the future, does it automatically mean we won’t ever contradict his future vision?

A man was sitting on the branch of a tree sawing between where he sat and the trunk of the tree. A man came along and looked up. “Hey,” he said. “If you continue to saw that branch like that it will break and you will fall to the ground!” The man in the tree... Continue Reading →

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