Earth and Mars

Musings Plus

While gazing at the stars tonight
You will see a distant red light
This one small star is always there
Once full with life it now is bare
The how and why now seems clear
The sun destroyed its atmosphere
We sent a rover to the sight
What we saw was a profound plight
Hoping to learn this planets past
We hope the Earths own die isn’t cast

Forests now vanish without care
Helping destroy our ozone layer
Global warming rising each day
Ice caps melt for they cannot stay
Sea creatures stranded on the sand
Currents warmer now further inland
We use coal as a means of fuel
Setting in motion an ugly duel
Fracking for oil and new pipelines
Causing more problems are the signs
Earth cannot survive at this rate
Congress needs to unseal this fate

Solar power in abundance
Yet we use coal as our substance

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