Is Mars a Friend of the Earth?

I heard they didn’t like us. They might even invade us and take over, and then we’d have a War of the Worlds.

Turns out My Favorite Martian isn’t so friendly after all!

We sure spend a lot of money sending robots there. Some idiots are thinking about sending people there.

We can’t live there. The atmosphere is too thin, and it’s poisonous. There is no hot core to the planet anymore because the planet is too small. The core cooled off. We know there used to be a hot core because of all the dead volcanoes.

Because there’s no hot core anymore, there’s no organized magnetic field.

Without a magnetic field, there’s nothing to shield people from harmful rays. Even spacemen in colonies would have to live indoors and still be subject to bad stuff coming from the sun.

I think it’s a waste of money to send people there, and it’s no friend.

3 thoughts on “Is Mars a Friend of the Earth?

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  1. For now it is a waste of time, yes. We are only beginning to appreciate the effects space has on humans beyond the safety of Earth’s protective field.

    The Moon is the only practical target for now, and that being for short-term missions. Perhaps a trip to a really nearby comet, or an extreme Earth orbit station, but it is ludicrous to suggest we are sending anyone on a 4-year mission to Mars in the next several years or decade (unless it will truly be a suicide mission).


    1. I’m a great fan of yours and appreciate your input, but I’m frankly a skeptic when it comes to space travel. When I was younger and watching Star Trek and Star Wars I was very hopeful. Now I see the practical reality. We’re going to send more probes to comets. There’s no need for people to go there. Too dangerous. As for Mars, somebody might pay to go there, but there’s no practical application. They won’t be able to procreate and make a population because all of their needs will have to come from Earth. They won’t be able to produce anything there. Look at it realistically.

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      1. I don’t disagree with your skepticism. If we never have manned space travel beyond Earth’s high orbit again, I would not be surprised. When I say “practical target” I mean if someone REALLY wanted to venture into space, those might be options. Yes the robots can handle everything for now, and are the only viable option for space exploration for a very long time.

        Perhaps I keep a twinge of hopefulness rooted in our contemporary sci-fi tales. By the late 21st century, and beyond? Who knows. Technology may catch up to idealism and ambition someday.

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