Left Wing NY Times is Biased

Just as in the title. Yes. It's left wing. It's biased. And it's the truth. So is left wing the truth? Think truth not left or right and can you give me a free subscription? I'll make it worth your while!

The Sun Blows Up

The sun blows up and the Earth is dead and who knows we ever existed? That is the bigger question. Old, old mountains in Canada. I just chose Canada becaue I used to live there. Canadian 101. Vancouver to someplace on the East Coast. Drive across Canada from Vancouver to Calgary and experience the Rocky... Continue Reading →

The Country is Split in Three

It's not a 2 party system, it's a 3 party system. There's the Democrats, there's the Republicans and there's the Tea Party who are radical right wingers. The problem is that the President is Tea Party, and Tea Party to get recognized identified themselves as Republican. President of the United States Donald Trump proposes something.... Continue Reading →

Humans have lived the world for more than thousands of years so how come technological advancement only started about less than a century ago?

A firefly blinks and it's gone. In my mind, given enough time, a civilization with opposable thumbs or some other good way to grab hold of things will eventually have evolution of machines and then evolution of electronics. The problem in the universe is by the time we find out somebody else is out there... Continue Reading →

Making Our Mark in the Universe

No we are not alone. There is life out there on other planets. Don’t make me prove it. Just accept the premise. Life exists elsewhere than Earth. Life is one thing. Intelligent life is another. There’s intelligent life out there too. The problem is this. We’ll never know about them, and they are out there... Continue Reading →

Once the sun dies and the solar system goes dark, would Europa (if it had life) continue to provide a liquid ocean and a biosphere?

Yes. The answer is yes. Europa get’s energy by the gravity and closeness to Jupiter which tugs and pulls at it as it goes around. Therefore, whatever the sun does, this force will continue because Jupiter will continue to orbit the dead sun. There are forms of life on Earth, deep under the ocean, that... Continue Reading →

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