If you were in a spacecraft traveling between galaxies, how would you measure your velocity?

Velocity is relative, as is everything in the universe. Relative to Earth? Relative to a nearby galaxy? In space you are standing still. You are not moving at all. If you see a galaxy over there you want to head toward, you apply some acceleration and over several million years it starts to get closer... Continue Reading →

How are there pictures of the earth from space and from space stations from earth’s orbit, when we rotate over 1000 mph?

Why don’t you ask what is the circumference of Earth? 24,901 miles. That’s why it takes roughly 24 hours to go around one time, because it’s rotation at the equator is about 1,040.4 mph (much slower where you live further north). The International Space Station goes around the earth about every 92 minutes. A lot... Continue Reading →

Which terrestrial planets, if terraformed, you’d like to visit or live? Is it Mercury, Venus, Moon, or Mars?

I’m going to suggest if we could terraform Earth to be a sustainable, livable planet, that would be the best use of our technology, since we’re already here. It would also prove we could do it elsewhere. Why go to Mars, Venus the Moon or Mercury when you could figure out how to take all... Continue Reading →

Did something happen in the past that made scientists believe that aliens exist?

Well, statistically and evidentially, yes. Statistically, there are thousands and billions of galaxies, each consisting of billions of stars, and each star generally has at least one orbiting planet, it is highly likely some form of extraterrestrial life exists out there. Evidentially, we have seen plumes of gas coming from moons around Saturn, suggesting a... Continue Reading →

Using the latest technologies & maneuvers, what speeds can we hope to achieve in space flight?

I'm just wondering for practical purposes. Doesn't even have to be a manned mission, so all that extra life support weight can be dumped. Using optimal fuel mixtures, the latest technology, & as many gravity slings & other natural phenomena as possible how fast could we go? According to Wikipedia: New Horizons is currently making... Continue Reading →

Is it possible to mitigate the extreme gravity of a large planet with an appropriate orbiting space station?

Would it be possible to orbit at just the right altitude and speed to make Jupiter’s gravity ‘feel’ like earths?  In any orbit, around any planet, you’re going to be in micro-gravity. You will “feel” weightless because essentially you are falling around the planet in an orbital trajectory. Just like astronauts on the ISS float... Continue Reading →

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