Jumbled Mind Jumbled Surroundings.

Jumbled mind, jumbled surroundings. Organized mind, organized surroundings.

We can determine the state of the mind by the state of surroundings. If A=B then B=A, so if the state of mind equals the state of surroundings then, conversely, the state of the surroundings is indicative of the state of mind.

Intelligence can be focused more acutely in an organized mind, but I don’t think organization of the mind is the soul factor that determines intelligence, otherwise every organized person would have the intelligence of Einstein.  Einstein himself does not appear to have been externally organized completely so I don’t think organization of surroundings determines intelligence.

If A=B and B=!C then A=!C.

It appears to me someone can be extraordinarily intelligent and externally organized but disorganized in the mind, which seems to imply that intelligence and the mind are not the same.

Underlying all these external and internal layers is an observer who is neither the beneficiary nor victim of all that surrounds the observer. Is this observer the product of external and internal circumstances or is the observer distinct from layers of externality?

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