How are there pictures of the earth from space and from space stations from earth’s orbit, when we rotate over 1000 mph?

Why don’t you ask what is the circumference of Earth? 24,901 miles. That’s why it takes roughly 24 hours to go around one time, because it’s rotation at the equator is about 1,040.4 mph (much slower where you live further north). The International Space Station goes around the earth about every 92 minutes. A lot faster than the Earth rotates. Furthermore, the ISS is not traveling in the same direction of the Earth’s rotation, but more a north south direction.

In any case, the ISS travels faster than the Earth rotates, so you do see the Earth moving below it, but not so fast you can’t take a photo or shoot a video. Just look at the video below. Even this video is sped up. From up there, the Earth moves much slower. This is a time lapse video.

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