Is there Eternal Life?

The problem and amazement of Evolution is the conception of "survival of the fittest." We all wish to survive, from insect to man. Try to swat a fly, it flies away. It doesn't want to die. It's ingrained in it's and our DNA. At all costs survive. So there's no "life-after." Might as well be... Continue Reading →

When it Rains

It pours. At least that's what they say. However, it is possible for it to rain and not pour. I guess it depends on your definition of pour. It rained tonight. I thundered. There was lightning. It poured. I was out of state with my wife. I could have posted on my blog while I... Continue Reading →

The tunnel in the Reservoir Woods

Deep in the woods of the Jersey City Reservoir Woods in the south of Boonton, New Jersey was a tunnel on the beach of the reservoir. There's a street which was named by my father, Francis (Frank) Boyd, when he was an alderman for the town of Boonton. It's called Reservoir Drive. I don't know... Continue Reading →

Near-Earth Asteroid Flyby

Asteroid 2017 FE1 was first observed by Mt. Lemmon Survey on 2017-03-18 It will fly by Earth harmlessly on 2017-06-16 at 22:16 UTC at 39.9 times the distance to the Moon, at a speed (relative to the Earth) of 10.6 km/s. It is estimated to be 164 - 518 meters in size. #space#science#Astronomy#astrophysics#asteroids#NEO near Earth... Continue Reading →

I should post other kinda stuff

In looking over my recent posts, there seems to be an inordinate amount of posts about flat earth, space travel, the unlikelihood we're being visited by aliens. That stuff gets boring. If you don't know my opinions on those kind of topics by now, then you haven't been reading what I write very much (and... Continue Reading →

Have you ever seen an alien?

Every day, on TV. He’s in his 70’s and has blond hair. Just was elected recently. No one has ever proven that even a microbe or a fossil of a microbe has ever come down to Earth from space. There is no evidence other than in Washington DC that there are any aliens within traveling... Continue Reading →

Is the Earth flat or spherical? Logically, what makes more sense is an Earth that is a flat, stationary plane or an Earth that is a spinning, spherical ball?

A Spherical Earth would require gravity which we don’t see or can not prove. A Flat Stationary Earth is “what you see what you get” You see a Flat Earth with no curve. You do not feel the Earth to be moving. Easier to explain therefore occam’s razor would suggest a flat earth is what... Continue Reading →

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