What would happen to the rest of the planets if Uranus changed places with Mars and Pluto swapped with Jupiter?

On this planet there would be total chaos in the classroom. Books would have to be rewritten.

Scientists would be busy figuring out how this happened when it should not be able to happen. It would be on the nightly news with Lester Holt.

Donald Trump would blame it on Democrats.

Immediately on Earth we would see no change except in conspiracy theories.

What are the worst commutes in Amarillo, TX? What are some tips for making them better?

I live in Amarillo. I’ve lived here 15 years. All these years there has been no direct exit from I-40 Westbound to I-27 south without going through local streets. This is now being corrected and the entire area around I-40 and I-27 south (I-27 begins in Amarillo and ends in Lubbock, TX) is under massive construction.

That being said, and knowing there are ways to drive around this area without getting on an Interstate, Amarillo only takes 15 minutes to drive from east to west on the highway in normal conditions.

The worst of Amarillo traffic is a good day in any other city in Texas.

However, the busiest street in Amarillo during the morning and evening rush is Coulter Street, which starts from the north by two major hospitals, Northwest Texas Healthcare System, and BSA – Babtist Saint Anthony health care system. Besides these two excellent, huge and major hospitals, there are dozens of other medical facilities nearby, plus motels, Waffle House, the Cinema, etc. It can be busy with lots of lights during rush hour. Further south on Coulter you’ll find many shopping areas, a bank or two and even a Walmart. You will be okay, though. Nothing like what you might experience in bigger cities.

When do you think humanity will get to Mars and how?

I predict the first of mankind to go to Mars will be from China – a country already planning to build a moon base as a launching pad for Mars.

At this stage in human development, unmanned rovers and robots in space is a much better and safter alternative to manned missions, but China is China, so if they want to do it and have the resources, they will do it, like it or not.