Is it possible to prove that we are not aliens on Earth?

The answer is yes.

It’s already proven. The nearest possible candidate for life other than microbes is 40 light years away. Traveling at the fastest speed ever achieved it would take over 3000 years to reach that distance.

So that proves we are not aliens, we’ve never been visited by aliens, and we will never be able to visit other stars to know if there are aliens.

Are you going to Leave the Country?

No you won’t.

Many people said that before he was elected and nobody left. This guy’s going to be president for a long time and we need to understand why this is so. I have many close friends who are Republicans. Well, close except for that. They live next door. They work where I work (in Texas). They live in other states where my wife is from. They are my mother-in-law, my step kids, etc.

They are laughing!

They think like this (for real I heard it): “He’s going to cancel food stamps! Finally! Those people are going to have to get jobs! Come around Christmas and they will riot because they don’t have government money to pay for their free food! Hillary would not have done that! He’s stirring up the pot and it’s great! He’s EXACTLY what we voted for!”

I voted for the other candidate, but she lost.. Too much controversy. My brother said “nobody cares about the emails!” He was wrong. Bernie was way too far to the left. It was impossible.

I believe Trump will be Re-elected

I’ve just completed a trip across middle America.

Despite bad press, middle America seems to think Donald Trump is a hero.

I believe he will be re-elected.

Terrible for me, a Democrat, but I do believe Democrats do not have a pulse on America. The guy is controversial and his fan club, the ordinary guy on the street of middle America, think he’s their hero.

He’s not going to be impeached. He’s not going to be out in 3 years. He’s going to be there the whole 8 years, and then you have to worry what’s next.

Everything he does, pulling out of the Paris climate thingy, trying to repeal Obamacare, even firing the FBI guy, all spells victory for Donald Trump.

You heard it here first.

Are there planets that do not orbit any star?

Alone_in_Space_-_Astronomers_Find_New_Kind_of_PlanetYup. They’re called rogue planets. Rogue planets became dislodged from their solar system and wander through space. They’re lifeless of course. No heat or energy from the star they escaped. They’re out there. Wandering in space.

Is there any irrefutable footage of UFOs?

In other words, no, there is no irrefutable “footage” of UFOs. Hollywood has seen to that, and I can see to that not with Photoshop but with GIMP — being a Linux user.

“Overwhelming” is an interesting choice of words since my own mother-in-law claims to have seen one.

The nearest possible contenders would be 40 light years away. At our fastest speed ever achieved it would take us (and them) over three thousand years to go the distance. We are not being visited and they are not going to be visited.