Are you going to Leave the Country?

No you won’t.

Many people said that before he was elected and nobody left. This guy’s going to be president for a long time and we need to understand why this is so. I have many close friends who are Republicans. Well, close except for that. They live next door. They work where I work (in Texas). They live in other states where my wife is from. They are my mother-in-law, my step kids, etc.

They are laughing!

They think like this (for real I heard it): “He’s going to cancel food stamps! Finally! Those people are going to have to get jobs! Come around Christmas and they will riot because they don’t have government money to pay for their free food! Hillary would not have done that! He’s stirring up the pot and it’s great! He’s EXACTLY what we voted for!”

I voted for the other candidate, but she lost.. Too much controversy. My brother said “nobody cares about the emails!” He was wrong. Bernie was way too far to the left. It was impossible.

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