Should I become a Typist?

Yes. Of course.

These words you are reading were typed without looking at the keyboard even once. I look at the screen. There are two “bumps” on your keyboard below “f” and “j”… these bumps are so you can find them with the index fingers of either hands. I fiddle with them all the time. When I pause to think, I’m feeling the bumps with my two index fingers.

Touch typing is an essential skill. Don’t be a hunt and peck person. When my step-daughter came to live with us, one of the first things I taught her was how to touch type with various free computer programs available out there (I still haven’t looked at my keyboard while typing this — only at the screen).

Now Leanna, my daughter, is a successful computer person.

I don’t know what you mean by “Should I become a Typist?” You should learn the life essential skill of how to touch-type without looking at the keyboard, only feeling the “bumps” below “f” and “j” with your two index fingers, and watching the screen to make sure you’re typing what you want to type. Never need to look at the keyboard again.

So yes, you should know how to touch-type. I don’t know what a “typist” is, but if it’s what I’m doing to answer this question and rattle out an answer then the answer is yes.

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