Do UFO conspiracy theorists not see that they are preventing us from having a serious discussion about alien life in the media?

Like, we have fossilized bacteria from Mars and most people still think that anyone who believes in aliens are nut jobs. Because so many nut jobs run around screaming about little green men and Roswell and anyone against the idea of alien life just use these nut jobs as strawmen.

Good point. Unfortunately, we do not have fossilized bacteria from Mars. We have nothing that proves life has ever existed on any other planet. It would be nice if we had fossilized bacteria from another planet.

You do make some interesting points, though, and to some extent to the general public, there might be confusion over alien life. The best candidates right now would be a moon around Jupiter or Saturn, and maybe some day some fossils of bacteria might show up on Mars. That would be a big deal.

These discussions are going on, and if you know where to look, even here on Quora, you can touch base with serious people talking about life on other planets.