Is there Eternal Life?

The problem and amazement of Evolution is the conception of “survival of the fittest.”

We all wish to survive, from insect to man.

Try to swat a fly, it flies away. It doesn’t want to die. It’s ingrained in it’s and our DNA. At all costs survive.

So there’s no “life-after.” Might as well be atheists. Physics has figured not everything out. There’s no “God” in some “Heaven.” It’s mythology.

I’m not a Christian. I grew up in the Vedanta religion of India (although I was born in New Jersey and am a Caucasian). They believe in eternity of the soul and reincarnation and stuff. It hooks into our wanting to survive. Survival of the fittest. I won’t die, I’ll reincarnate.

The idea is not supported by scientists and therefore many scientists are atheists.

But what if?

I’m growing inexorably older. Somehow I went from teenager to adult to sexually exploratory adult to 64 years old. I wonder. Will I live on? Have we lived on before? Will unfulfilled desires be fulfilled? Will we reincarnate? Who is in charge?

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