There oughta be a post a day ’bout the Eclipse

No, it will not be a total eclipse in Amarillo, Texas, where I live, although there will be a partial eclipse. Yes I am going to see the total eclipse with my wife by traveling up to the zone of totality. Yes, this is worth it, if you're aware of the universe around you.

Cursive writing

Kids, young adults, some of them with families and kids of their own -- do not know how to read cursive writing. It's our secret hieroglyphics, our secret code. You can write faster, the pen never leaves the paper between words, and "new" people have no idea what it says. One guy told me it... Continue Reading →

How old were you when you became an adult?

I’m sixty-four and still working on that. People call me “Mister” these days, but inside I still feel and joke around like a kid. That probably looks bad to people, but it’s how I feel. I’m in denial, I guess, about my age. I feel I never fully grew up.

Would the speed of thought be higher than the speed of light?

Would the speed of thought be faster than light? Hardly, since the speed of thought in our brains are a result of electrical impulses between neurons. We know this because if the brain is altered the thought changes, or ceases. These electrical impulses act fully within the laws of physics and therefore do not travel... Continue Reading →

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