The First Total Eclipse across the entire Continental USA in 99 Years is coming – SOON

On August 21st, 2017, there will be a total eclipse of the sun all across the continental United States from Oregon to the East Coast. In Texas, where I live, it will not be total eclipse, but my wife and I plan to be just south of St. Louis in the path of totality. The stars will come out, the birds will go quiet. Horses will lie down to sleep. It will become eerily quiet. If you look at it directly you could go blind but my wife and I will be in Wright City, Missouri, at the Super 7 Motel with up to 10 pair of special eclipse glasses. All of our family members are invited. Heck, you’re all invited. The last time this happened was 99 years ago. It will not happen again in your lifetime. Be there or be… I was gonna say square but instead I’m gonna say… not in the path of totality.

If I went south of Bob’s place (Super 7 Inn in Wright City, MO) we could get up to 2 1/5 minutes. At the Super 7 it will be only about a minute and a half. I have room for 3 people in the back seat. We could be either at Super 7 in Wright City or go a little south to I-44 and have a minute more of the total eclipse.usa_eclipse_map_16x9_1920x1080_1920x1080

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