How close to a black hole (with 10 solar masses) must you be before time for you is dilated significantly, compared to your crew’s, 1 million km out?

A thought experiment: I was imagining a scenario where a spaceship tethered their compatriot and lowered him near the event horizon & then pulled him back towards the spaceship before being pulled into the black hole. Wouldn’t time go by quicker for him? Would there be a discrepancy in their ages?

Not very far away from the event-horizon. Here’s a scenario to contemplate:

They would lower him on a tether and his shuttle craft would appear to freeze in time. Pulling back would bring him back with great difficulty and very slowly. He would appear to be stuck. If they continued to pull, it would take decades to get him back.

Inside the shuttle craft, he gets lowered toward the event horizon, stays a few minutes, then gets pulled back up.

When he gets back his crew on the main space craft has grown very old, and as far as he was concerned, he was there only a few minutes. As far as they were concerned, he was down there for decades. This is the correct answer.

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