Twenty Days

Twenty days until the eclipse. Here in Amarillo it will hardly be noticeable unless you are looking for it (but don't look at it directly without approved eye protection or you could go blind). North of here there will be a total solar eclipse, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the world... Continue Reading →


Musings Plus

Evil casts shadows upon this world each day
At nighttime the shadows are harder to see
It’s plain to see the demons are here to stay
There is One hope for all that we can be free

Facing head on a world of evil intent
Embracing this One hope so you will be safe
Secure in the knowledge of righteousness sent
Covering you like armor with an agrafe

Staring defiantly into the abyss
My soul emits light that penetrates the dark
Nothing remains hidden, there’s nothing amiss
My spirit is safe as it bares my Lord’s mark

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A Dog’s Life

Musings Plus

Running and romping in the park
In your lap I lay down my head
Snuggling in when it turns dark
Keeping watch while you are in bed.

Lazy days laying in the sun
Chasing a frisbee or a ball
Always ready to have some fun
Waiting to hear  my master’s call.

At his side is where I will be
Protecting he and all that’s his
With no desire to be free
Happy with things just as it is.

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My wife’s blog…

Musings Plus

I am amazed how long it took
At all the years that I spent lost
For me to find Your precious book.
Unaware of the pricey cost.

Once found I had to have a look
In from the cold and chilling frost
Read daily from my cozy nook.
I now am found, no longer lost.

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