Do you believe in aliens? Do you agree that our modern technologies were taught by them?

Do I believe in aliens from outer space? Definitely yes.

Do I believe they have visited Earth, definitely no. Distances are far too vast for travel in either direction.

The idea that modern technologies were invented by visitors from space is really a silly idea because if you simply study where all these technologies came from you’ll see they gradually evolved from simple inventions to more complex inventions to the point we are at now. Just watch Modern Marvels if you don’t want to do an Internet search.

7 thoughts on “Do you believe in aliens? Do you agree that our modern technologies were taught by them?

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      1. Hello Wayne,

        great question. I believe in that. We know nothing about the Universe. We have only assumptions 🙂 All I know is that we are pure energy just like the universe


  1. I used to believe that there just had to be “aliens” somewhere, but these days I am not sure. The more I read about astrophysicists’ theories, the more doubtful I become.

    First, biologists still do not know how life on Earth started. It is truly a frontier of science. Understanding how it happened on Earth will give much greater confidence in extrapolating how common life is in the rest of the universe.

    The second matter is that the Drake Equation, our current best way to estimate the number of planets that might support life, is still very rough, changing as better data arrives, and incomplete due to point #1 above.

    It seems entirely sensible that somewhere in the universe there must be at least rudimentary forms of microbiological life. Again, we lack the means to accurately estimate the chances.

    Beyond microbiological life, there are the orders of magnitude to get to “aliens”:

    – Microscopic life
    – Life that develops beyond microscopic
    – Life that can develop intelligence
    – Life that can apply its intelligence to scientific applications
    – Life that understands and can explain the cosmos through mathematics
    – Life that can send interstellar communication
    – Life that discovers and then implements a means of interstellar travel
    – …and all this needs to happen on a planet in a habitable zone around a star that won’t die out in a few million years (the minimum assumed time for all this to take place)

    If all of the above conditions can be confirmed, then we can start discussing how aliens built the pyramids and today abduct backwoods drivers from their pickup trucks.

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    1. Okay but. When you come to Life that can develop intelligence tnen all that follows comes quickly in the history of the particular planet. It seem to me the later points you have mentioned as “beyond microbial life” develop automatically once understanding scientific applications develops. Look, for example, at recent times in the dark ages of mankind, or the witch hunts. From there to now dd not take very long in the bigger picture.

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      1. I’m not sure if they would develop automatically, if at all. For example, it seems very plausible that a planet could nurture a form of micro life but the atmosphere never changes to the point it can sustain more. We are pretty confident, for example, that the air mixture during the time of the dinosaurs was different than today, allowing for such large animals to evolve.

        We also have only one frame of reference – our own history – to speculate on how long it would take life to develop the intelligence enough to explore the universe. I contend, for example on my blog, that the planets are significantly responsible for our scientific curiosity because they are the exceptions to the order of the sky. Likely, eventually someone would have realized that gravity means our small Earth is moving around our large Sun. Yes, in the scheme of the cosmos this is all a split second. But the question is still what are the chances of these things happening at all.

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    2. Well, first of all, coming from Missouri to view the eclipse and now back at home in Amarillo, Texas, I share your thoughts which pretty much reflect my own. Unfortunately, 800 miles from here where I went to watch the eclipse and have a mother in law, I have a mother in law that claims she saw, with her own eyes, a UFO hovering over a lake in Missouri when she was younger. I asked her to repeat her story during my trip recently and she has not changed it.

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