Have you turned into an agnostic/non-believer after your encounter with Physics/Science provided that you were a hard-core believer (a follower of a religion)? If you have, what is your message to those who prefer religion over Physics?

By Avanish Pandey 

Avanish Pandey, B.Tech from Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly (2016)

Actually it’s reverse in my case. I used to be a skeptical and on-the-edge-athiest earlier. But as I started learning about different theories and hypothesis on the formation of Universe, I found a striking similarity to them in my Vedic theories.

I won’t say it’s complete. I’m still in a learning phase and I constantly try to understand the symbolism inherent to the ancient scriptures. But yeah more understanding of science has brought me closer to understanding of my religious beliefs.

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