Why can’t we come to a feasible conclusion on whether aliens exist or not?

Of course we can! The answer is no, there are no aliens from other planets. This is not the answer you wanted, but if you really understood how far a light year is then you would know the very nearest star is 4 light years. Another candidate is 40 light years.

No one can achieve or even approach the speed of light. To go 4 light years at max speed, and then slow down once you got there, would take no less than 150 years each direction.

To go to a more likely candidate Trappist 1 at 40 light years would take 1,500 years each way, whether you were an alien from there or from Earth.

However the chances space dwelling entities live so close is unlikely.

The more likely distances are thousands or millions of light years away.

2 thoughts on “Why can’t we come to a feasible conclusion on whether aliens exist or not?

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  1. But that’s assuming alien species are as limited as us humans are. We are just beginning to play with technology, the idea that none else could exist because we, humans, can’t achieve something is a little limited and limiting. Interestingly, history,myths and religions all seem to point at celestial beings having interacted with humans. They call them gods, but what they are are extraterrestrial beings (=aliens). Of course, evidence is there, but no solid “proof”.

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    1. Well, thanks for the comment. I hear this a lot. Why should we limit aliens to our own limitations? But the fact we’re not limiting them, the laws of physics limit us all. Another common response is: How do we know they have conquered the laws of physics? Well, I happen to be a realist. We would all like this to be the case, but sadly, it isn’t and will not be in the future.

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